Tips for Picking Up and Carrying Your Child Safely

If you have small kids or grandkids, then you know the "please hold me cry" is impossible to ignore! Don't worry, there is a safe way to pick up and carry your child without killing your back and shoulder in the process.

Welcome to the Tip of the Week!

Each week in the MomFit Program I upload a short video with some very impactful information. This week is on lifting and carrying your child!

In the video below you will:

  1. Learn how to utilize a hip hinge to pick up and set down your child.
  2. Carry your child using your core and midback muscles, not by hanging on the joints and ligaments in your hip and spine.

*The reference to the dishwasher was last weeks previous tip. Learn how to load and unload a dishwasher without hurting your back!

Great points to keep in mind:

  1. Switch which side you carry on often, between the front and both sides. Do not always carry your child on the same side. Make it a game, 2min per side then switch.
  2. Stand tall and keeping your chin slightly tucked. This will keep your core activated and keep you from hanging into your joints. As soon as your chin comes forward your abs let go.
  3. Keep your shoulder from coming up and forward. Like in Dirty Dancing when he tells Baby to "lock her arm. This is my space and this is your space." That scapula (shoulder blade) down and back position decreases strain on your neck and shoulder. When you hunch and let your shoulder pop up and forward, it leads to neck and shoulder pain.


Learn how to hip hinge to pick up your child.


Strengthen your midback for carrying a child by doing rows.

Coaching Notes:

  • Stand in a small squat with moderate to heavy tension on the band.
  • Keep your chin tucked and your head tall
  • Pull back on the band by pinching your shoulder blades together. You should feel this in your midback




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