Professional Certification

Pregnancy and postpartum corrective exercise training for health and fitness professionals

The Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist Course is leading a movement in women's fitness and healthcare. This certification focuses on pregnancy modifications, postpartum timelines, limitations, and special considerations. You will learn proven corrective exercises that progress pregnant or postpartum clients with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (leaks, tightness, and prolapse), Diastasis Recti, SI Joint Pain, and Low Back Pain into high-intensity exercise.

PCES Certification
Dr Sarah Duvall Pregnancy and Postpartum Expert

Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall, PT, DPT, CPT, CNC

Programs for Women

Online core and pelvic floor rehab programs for pregnant and postpartum women

The CES team is the last stop for many women on their path to recovery. We are passionate about finding solutions to the problems no one else has been able to resolve. Through our comprehensive, industry-leading online programs, the CES team has rehabbed thousands of women with prolapse, leaking, pelvic floor pain and tightness, diastasis recti, hip pain and much more.

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Featured in Livestrong, Huffington Post
Featured in Livestrong, Huffington Post


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    Happy Hips Class
    What if you could laugh, cough, or sneeze leak-free just by spending 3 minutes a day working on your core, hips and pelvic floor?

    3 simple exercises. 3 minutes a day.

    Pelvic Floor Challenge
    Free 6 Part Course
    Working with pregnant and postpartum clients/patients?

    This 6-part course offers key takeaways on breathing, pelvic floor strengthening and diastasis recovery. Sign up and start learning today!

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