“As a Physical Therapist and personal trainer, I can tell you that Sarah has created THE BEST online training program for women. Hands down! After I had my baby I thought getting back into shape would be easy, especially given my professional background. Between taking care of my baby and running my business, I had no time to workout and I let my body get weak.

I soon developed prolapse and a diastasis. I immediately went into complete panic mode and turned to Sarah for help! Her knowledge alone is mind blowing. Couple that with her passion for helping women and her compassion for what we are going through and it’s simply more than anyone could ask for in a therapist.

Actually, that’s not true. We should all strive to be like Sarah. Her programs work and they are a fraction of the cost of traditional PT or training services! I recommend my OWN patients invest in Sarah’s programs because her work is so tailored, specific and easy to follow.

Before Sarah, I never thought I had time to work on myself, then all of a sudden I was MAKING time because I was seeing results. Take the plunge, you deserve it.”

-Jill Zimmerman, DPT, Owner of Perfectly Fit Wellness

Surgery should always be a last resort, especially for the pelvic floor. Nina is brave and amazing for sharing her story with the world and why she now has hope.

Cathy is a Mom of 7 and after years of searching, she is finally gaining the core strength she deserves! She has been through so much. I especially love her statement that her belly button is starting to look like it did before she had babies.
I believe that our bodies were meant to have babies and recover. It may not be quick or easy but it’s possible!

“I’m a mom of 5 ages 7, 5, 3 (almost 4), 2, and 9 months. I have my hands full and I love it. I have had c-section with all of my kids too, so I’ve got some abdominal issues. I am SO HAPPY I found Sarah when I did.

I started working with her because my doctor told me that there was no way to heal my diastasis recti except for surgery. I had a DR that measured 4.5 fingers. Thanks to Sarah after only a couple weeks of work it is completely closed at the top and down to 2 fingers around my belly button!!

I feel so powerful in my body now, it’s strong, beautiful and fully functioning after giving birth to 5 BABIES. It’s all thanks to hard work, Sarah, and her amazing programs!”

-Laura Graefnitz (Mom of 5 and Fitness Buff)

I laughed so hard at so many things this wonderful woman said. She cracks me up. Meet Alma. Ever let a program sit in your inbox or your sheet of exercises just sit on the counter? Yep, there is some point in our lives where we can all relate.
She can now jump, laugh and sneeze pee free and she wants to tell you about it.

Catherine is a mom trying to get in shape that just kept hitting road block after road block. It made me cry watching this video she sent me. She is an amazing woman and I’m lucky to have gotten the opportunity to work with her.

Feel like you’re just getting injury after injury when trying to get in shape? She feels your pain. Catherine had all but given up on feeling great again!

She learned that exercise form matters, a lot! But, more importantly, her message is one of hope. Do NOT give up. Your body is worth it. It’s worth fighting for. Even if you have to go to 6 different people or try 10 different programs. You are worth it!!!

“After trying other programs to heal my diastasis and not seeing the results I wanted, I was skeptical that Sarah’s program would be any different. But my diastasis is almost completely closed, my belly has shrunk and I’m finally beginning to see muscle. I even sleep better, feel less stressed and have less back pain.

Sarah truly CARES, she’s constantly providing feedback and encouraging everyone. Her online presence and support is amazing and I think that is the best part of this program. It’s awesome to be able to post videos to the Facebook group and have Sarah correct form, it’s like having your own personal trainer!

Sarah teaches you to understand your body and how it’s supposed to function in daily life, because of that my lifestyle has undergone a huge transformation and that has improved my physical and mental well-being as well. I would recommend Sarah to anyone I know that is postpartum, experiences pain or has posture issues.

She has changed my life, I’m eternally grateful. I want others to feel the same.”

-Liann, Manitoba, Canada



I found Sarah a few years ago after receiving an email to sign up for an instructor Pelvic floor workshop. What sold me with this email is that I could tell she was different than most other people on the web touting fixes for various female issues. She wasn’t selling gimmicks or quick fixes, she was the real deal, an educator who truly cares about the women who need help.
I am a fitness instructor with over 15 years of experience. I have owned my own studio for 10 years and I have now had Sarah out to my studio to give lectures on several occasions – some for instructors and others for students and she never disappoints. I happen to be lucky enough to be on the East Coast and have also been able to see her privately. She is smart, caring and most importantly, THE REAL DEAL…. she knows her stuff!
I have always been the fitness person who asks why, always wanting to know more information and never accepting things just because. I was willing to do the work to learn more and I am so grateful that I came across her path because I have learned so much about my body and am a better trainer because of her influence. Thank you Sarah!!!!

-Rita Matraia, Owner, The Core Connection

Meet Julie. She is from Canada and successfully finished the Pelvic Floor Perfect Online Program then moved into MomFit to continue building her strength.

I often get the question, “can I fix my pelvic floor years after children, isn’t it too late?” No! It’s never too late!!

You can fix your pelvic floor anytime you decide to take the time to work on it. Whether it’s 6months postpartum or 16 years, doesn’t matter. What matters is that you A. get the right advice and B. stay consistent with that advice.

I went to Sarah after three years of chronic hamstring pain. I am a recreational runner of a certain age, and I injured my hamstring when I under-trained for a marathon. I’ve gone to six doctors, done two different types of massage therapy and two rounds of physical therapy, all of which helped only a little and only for a short period of time. Then I went to Sarah. Sarah educated me on the true cause of my injury and taught me how to re-train my underused muscles. Thanks to Sarah, I am back running pain free for the first time in years. Plus, when I do feel any aches or pains, I know now what to do to relieve them and prevent them in the future.

Sarah has literally given me the therapy for a head-to-toe remodel, from chin tucks to improving my posture, to foot exercises to strengthen my toes and arches. I now have a toolbox of knowledge and exercises and because of Sarah, I can sit and stand at my desk pain-free, drive my car and I’ve improved my running form to the point where I have transitioned from stability shoes (with arch support) to neutral shoes.


Following a sports injury and four years of rehab (including physical therapy, chiropractics, acupuncture, tui na, massage, and work with a Sports Medicine hip specialist), it took only two sessions with Sarah to get answers and solutions to my underlying issues. I am finally getting back into the sports I have missed for so long and love feeling my inner athlete come back out again!

– Laura Beth E.

Sarah is certainly well above any personal trainer or physical therapist I have worked with before. With her PT background, she knows the structure and mechanics of the body inside and out, along with a multitude of exercise solutions for various challenges. The other trainers I have worked with just don’t have that degree of proficiency, and the physical therapists I’ve worked with don’t have the fitness perspective.

– Rob S. (Exercise Enthusiast)

After a car accident, I have been in and out of physical therapy for roughly a year. I started working with Sarah and received a custom workout that allowed me to feel great in no time.

-Angela M. (Ready to feel great again)

Sarah is an incredible asset to the world of wellness. The blend of her professionalism and knowledge base has served me well. I have taken several of Sarah’s continuing education courses and also send my clients to her for troubleshooting. Her unique physical therapy practice provides thorough explanations and solutions every session. You cannot stump her. My corrective exercise skill set has grown substantially over the past 4 years and largely because of Sarah. My business and I thank her.

– Ryan Becknell, CPT

I cannot imagine teaching clients with special needs without having Sarah as a resource. Not only does she have a tremendous wealth of information, but she is constantly researching and exploring further. Sarah’s workshops are as informative as they are fun. She presents the information in a detailed way and leaves plenty of time to play with the concepts and get hands-on experience with her expert guidance. I always walk away with new knowledge of my own body and new ideas to immediately begin implementing with my clients.

– Katie Ashley, Wellness Coach

Sarah’s program works fast! After one week of going through Workout 1, I saw a difference in the automatic firing of my pelvic floor. After 3 weeks, I saw improvements in my pelvic floor after sex that I had forgotten were not normal. However, perhaps the bigger impact for me was an awareness of how all the systems in my body work together. Sarah does a great job of explaining the science, the nuances of why each part of an exercise is important and providing alternatives if an exercise is not quite working for where your body is at that time. Sarah’s passion for her work comes through in this program and in her dedication to helping each individual achieve a more functional body through the question and answer feedback she provides. All of these combine to make a very effective program.

– Monica L (Mom of 2)

I was very impressed with the comprehensive approach to the pelvic floor issue which I had previously considered as an isolated problem. Plus, no more crunches!

–Mary Kay (Very Active Young Grandma)

Sarah does an amazing job not only describing the exercises but also explaining the importance of doing them. The videos are very personable and make you feel like you are talking to a friend.

I especially enjoyed the information about Stress and Urge Incontinence and the helpful/real-life tips. I realized, through watching the series, I have been hanging from my pregnant belly, which is causing a lot of my pain. Learning to engage my core even just a little bit has made a difference.

The information and very artistic picture regarding the diaphragm and pelvic floor assisted me in being able to switch from pushing down to drawing up. It was a neat discovery to make and one that changed my pelvic floor instantly. Sarah’s passion for the material is both energizing and motivating!

–Sabrena (Pregnant Momma of Two)

After only doing one of Sarah’s exercises for the pelvic floor, I already feel a difference! I’m not worried about peeing when I laugh as much anymore!

–Stacie (Mom of 3)

As A Personal Trainer with over 10 years experience, I place tremendous value on the instruction and education I received in Sarah’s Hip, Pelvic and Lower Back Workshop. She broke down some very complicated parts of the body and explained with simplicity their function, common injuries and disorders. Her knowledge has benefited me and my clients. I highly recommend her workshops for continuing education.

– Kenneth M Brown, Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer

Over the last 20 years, I have suffered from consistent neck pain, so bad at times I could hardly turn my head. More recently, I developed a painful rotator cuff problem that interfered with both my tennis and golf game. Both have been healed by consistently working with Sarah, allowing me to completely avoid any type of surgery. She has made an indescribable difference in my quality of life each day.

– Ed H.

Sarah has an incredible wealth of knowledge and a true passion for her profession. It shines through in her continuing education courses and her interaction with clients. I have thoroughly enjoyed her courses because they continuously improve my ability to be a better personal trainer. She is always willing to share her knowledge and experiences to help others. I am so thankful! I feel privileged to have met Sarah and am looking forward to taking more of her continuing education courses in the future!

– Catherine Stephenson, NASM CPT

I have worked with Sarah for 5 years at the MUSC Wellness Center. When we started working together, it was the very first time I had addressed my personal fitness needs. Sarah has patiently taught and guided me toward independent exercise, which included: muscle control/tone, the most beneficial exercises for me, and the correct way to do each exercise. I admire her knowledge base and ability to explain how and why each exercise is beneficial. We continue to address my posture, core strength, and overall fitness plan. Sarah has been a blessing in my life and continues to motivate me toward overall good health.

– Dana E.

I have worked with Sarah for several years on a variety of issues. She has helped me overcome tennis elbow, a sore shoulder, back and knee problems and has guided me in improving balance and strength. Periodically we get together to re-evaluate and modify my program, which is important for continued progress. Always patient and encouraging, she is a wonderful asset to Charleston and I appreciate her commitment to keeping us all strong and healthy.

– Chris C.

“In 1 session Sarah completely fixed my pelvic floor issue by giving me a great rotational exercise from her video. I no longer feel like I can barely make it the bathroom or worry about leaking! I could hardly believe how easy and fast it worked.” –Cynthia (Pilates Instructor and Avid

–Cynthia (Pilates Instructor and Avid Biker)