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Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall, PT, DPT, CPT, CNC

I empower women to take back control of their bodies so that they can feel strong and sexy and don’t have to worry about their pelvic floor, aches, and pains, or getting hurt while trying to get into the best shape of their lives.

I’m extremely passionate about exercising the right way! Not only is it more efficient (who doesn’t love saving time?!), but it also prevents injuries.

What do I want for you?

Well, how about I tell you what I want for myself first because that’s what I’m bringing to these programs! This is what I dream fitness should look like, this is what I’m pouring my heart and soul into, and this is the dream I have for you…

#1. I want to be a great mom, wife, and friend, but I also want balance and deem taking care of myself and following my dreams an important part of this.

#2. I want a body ready for action. Whether that’s surfing in Peru, downhill mountain biking in the Rockies, or walking into a gym and cranking out some pull-ups, I want to feel like I can do whatever, whenever, and I want a body that will keep up.

#3. I want to maximize my time and leverage people with knowledge, I enjoy learning. I want to take action, stay the course, and reap the benefits. I am focused and I am determined. Show me how and I will succeed.

#4. I want to feel sexy and confident no matter what I’m wearing or not wearing on my body. I want my husband to want me, but more importantly, I want to feel this way for myself, because I deserve it.

#5. I want to laugh, enjoy life and have fun. I want to know who I am and what I’m capable of and try not to stress about the rest.

Those 5 things are my dream for myself and this program. I want to teach you how to do the most effective exercises possible to get results.


This is not some 21-day challenge being led by a cute 20-year-old. (Go 20 year old- way to get after it!) No, I’m a 37-year old mama of 2 that still thinks it’s possible to be in the best shape of my life. That dream has not died, and if anything, that dream gets more real and more possible each year.

But, most importantly, I’ve been a Personal Trainer since 1999. Graduated from Physical Therapy school with my Masters in 2005 and went back for my Doctorate in 2008. I completed my doctorate project on the pelvis. So, I get it from a woman/mom standpoint, but I also understand the complexity of rehabbing the human body from an intellectual standpoint.

If you work with me, you’ll get years of experience troubleshooting patients in person, not just an inspirational story of self-recovery.

I want to change the rehab and fitness industry.

I want to give women education about exercise. I want to teach and empower. I do not want to belittle or make women feel bad about their bodies. Feeling bad about yourself, your fitness level, your body fat, etc. only makes you less motivated to improve. It kills self-love, and for us to set aside the kind of time it takes for change (mom of 2, remember!), you need to be kind to yourself.

Will you let me help you find that change?

Who is a good fit for my programs?

Women who want to focus on having great exercise form. I do a lot of teaching and explaining. We will perfect your squat, lunge, pushups and many more things, but I’m not going to lie, it takes focus and effort. If you aren’t in a place to put forth either of those, then this program will not be a good fit.

Women who want improvement in their pain, posture, fitness and strength! Each month of MomFit, I upload new workouts for the month, and they build progressively on the last month. This allows you to build perfect strength without getting hurt. Too much, too soon is a recipe for injury. If you are looking for the hardest workout out there to start with, then this program will not be for you.


Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall, PT, DPT, CPT, CNC

I have a passion for helping people.

Whether that’s helping you get back after having a baby, pursuing your sport without pain, or perfecting your posture, I have the years of training and education needed to see you exceed your goals!

Being a collegiate level athlete for a Division 1 school gave me a passion for training hard and accomplishing difficult goals. That passion and drive is what I bring to the table for my women. Be prepared for an intense experience.

My slogan will always be “adding life to years,” because I want to teach you what causes those little aches and pains, how to prevent them, and how to take charge of your health. Being proactive instead of reactive greatly enhances your quality of life for many years to come.

When I’m not being a mom or working, I’m a huge adventure sports enthusiast. To find out more about how sports have shaped my understanding and experience with fitness injury click here. (It helps to be a rehab expert since I’ve had almost every injury in the book. It also makes me see the importance of time spent on prevention!)

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Doctorate of Physical Therapy 2008 Medical University of South Carolina

Masters of Physical Therapy 2005 Medical University of South Carolina

Bachelors of Science 2002 Clemson University

Certified Personal Trainer 1999 National Academy of Sports Medicine

Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach 2011

Courses, Methodology and Practitioners That Have Helped Shape My Practice

Postural Restoration Institute

Evidence in Motion: Pelvic Health Certification Coursework

Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute

Gary Gray: Functional Training

Jennifer Stone (Ortho and PF PT) – Mentor ([email protected] )

Diane Lee

Antony Lo

Julie Weibe PT

Tom Myers: Anatomy Trains

Stuart McGill: Core Training and Low Back Pain

Chloe Lanthier: Expert Functional Anatomy and Running

Charlie Weingroff

Shirley Sahrmann: Approach to Movement Impairments

Dean Somerset: Intelligent Approach to Exercise with a Hilarious Sense of Humor

Capable and Confident – That’s what I want for you!

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