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The most common questions we get via email:

#1. I have a small prolapse or a little leaking and a diastasis/tight hip flexors/poor posture/etc. What program should I get or start first?

Always start with Pelvic Floor Perfect! We need to make sure you understand how to manage pressure in your core and get your pelvic floor firing correctly before we try to get the rest of you stronger. This will keep your pelvic floor safe and that’s what’s most important.

#2 Do you do online consults?

Absolutely! Check out the online scheduler here.

Note from Sarah: Due to Covid, I'm homeschooling two kids and my availability for one-on-one sessions has been put on hold for the time being. Anna is our head Physical Therapist here at CES and is absolutely incredible. She has graciously agreed to step in for me in this area.

Anna is who I call to help me work through my own personal rehab issues. I have not met a smarter more caring PT. I know you will love her as well!

#3. If I have prolapse, will this program work for me?

My best answer is maybe. Most women who stick to the program get improvement, a small number complete resolution, but it’s a lot of work. I’m going to be honest and upfront with you. The road to pelvic floor recovery is not an easy one, so I can’t tell you for sure if it will work or not, the only way we will know is if you try. I think you should try, even if it’s not with me, please don’t give up!

#4. Do you do give extensive opinions or coaching via email?

We don’t. We’ve found email is not a good way to be thorough or successful in helping someone. I can definitely help guide you into a program, but if you’d like to send pictures or video or get lengthy opinions about programs or treatment options, let’s set up a virtual session so we can talk through it and not miss anything. Feel free to post video, pictures or questions in the secret Facebook group. If you feel your question is too personal to ask publically, no worries, just email it to [email protected] and we can post if for you anonymously in the group. We want you to feel comfortbale and get the answers you are looking for. Your success matters! (If you’re not in the group and want to join, check out our Online Programs that comes with support.)

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