MOMFIT: Complete Workout Program

Progressive fitness for serious results. This program will take you step by step through getting your body in amazing shape! Because every woman deserves to be in the best shape of her life.

Momfit Workout

Let's talk about what no one is talking about... how to actually recover 100% after baby. Personally, I wanted my body back after having 2 kids. I wanted to feel unstoppable and be able to workout like I was 25 again, with nothing holding me back!

That's what I want for you too!

Sure, there are a ton of workouts out there for moms. Get in shape fast, lose the baby weight, tone those abs -- but I want to fix the real issues. Maybe your pelvic floor doesn't feel as good as it used to, maybe your abs don't feel connected anymore, or maybe your back and neck always feel tight?

If you're thinking, "Sarah, my kids are 15 it's too late for me." I need you to know that it's never too late!

These are some of the common complaints I hear from Moms, and the bottom line is they not only want to get in shape, but they want to feel great as well. If you never fully recover from having a baby, you can't expect your body to feel great doing the hard workouts, or simply surviving day-to-day, for that matter. (Hey, I'm a mom, too. Sometimes surviving is a good day!) But, I want to show you how to get your body to something better.

The goal of this workout program is to build a foundation inside your body that creates an unstoppable core and pelvic floor.

Building strength in a way that not only leaves you super-woman strong, but leaves your neck and back feeling great as well.

What good is fitting back into those skinny jeans if you don't feel confident chasing your kid across the yard? That's the Mom I'm talking to: the one that wants to play with her kid and swing on the monkey bars at the playground, or kick the soccer ball in the front yard. If that's not you, then this program is not for you.

You can have a body where nothing is holding you back!

Building this kind of strength takes direction. Aimlessly working out is not going to get you there. Like a well-built house, every single brick must be stacked perfectly in place, layer by layer until the house becomes invincible. That's what I want to make you, invincible.

In this series, which is part of the All-Access Membership, each workout is carefully crafted to build on the last one so you gain strength, reaching goals you never thought possible.

Momfit Workout

Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall, PT, DPT, CPT

You might be wondering why an industry-leading physical therapist would write a workout program?

Well, I started out as a personal trainer. That’s actually how I paid for PT school. So, although I love fixing the body, I also love fitness and working out. It breaks my heart seeing women in the clinic with injuries that are entirely preventable, prolapse that worsens months after birth, abdominal separation that just didn't heal, back pain from lifting a heavy 3-year-old. If only I had gotten to them sooner, they would never have had this issue.

My goal is to help you build lasting strength without getting hurt. That’s why I started the online program helping Moms recover from pregnancy and childbirth. I wanted to get expert, accurate information out there in the hands of the women who needed it most.

Get ready to discover real fitness, because this is a workout program that you can feel good about.

Feeling strong and capable has always been part of my identity as a woman, and I want to pass along that feeling to every woman I possibly can! I want to use my background in sports and training, combined with a decade of experience as a physical therapist, to write you the most effective workouts possible.

Change is in your future, you just have to stick to the plan.


What do you get with MomFit?

Stronger after baby starter workouts for those newly postpartum or needing to start back into exercise slowly.
A complete workout program that progresses in intensity each month so you don't have to think or plan. You just get stronger! (Can be done at any stage of life.)
Mini glute and core workouts for when you only have 10min to exercise.
Fitness Doctor on Call! Yep, you get access to a Doctor of Physical Therapy and industry-leading fitness expert to help troubleshoot and modify any exercises as needed.
Printable PDFs of all the Workouts to chart your progress.
Support and accountability in a small group setting.
Bonus Material: A myofascial release video and injury section (covering common things like knee pain). Plus, a killer nutrition section full of healthy, easy-to-fix recipes.
Access to all programs including: Pelvic Floor Perfect, Happy Hips, Posture Perfect and the Diastasis Fix.
Restorative and Diastasis safe yoga routines.
Myofascial release guide to both the upper and lower body.
Neuro troubleshooting drills with Gloria Johnson. These can help solve any complex issue.
Additional tutorials on lifting kids out of cribs and car seats without hurting your back.
Injury section: Dive deeper into helping knee pain, shoulder pain, piriformis pain, muscle strains, and upper back and neck pain.
Taping tutorial with Gloria Johnson.

Meet Your Amazing Team

The team brings a wealth of knowledge to this program through the Facebook Group. They are there to answer questions and guide you through the exercises so that you get the most out of them.
Annatina Schorno-Pitsch, PT (Pelvic Floor on Ortho Physical Therapist)

Annatina experienced how it feels to deal with women's health issues as a mom of 3. This is why she got trained as a Women's Health PT. It is Annatina's passion to prepare women for delivery and to fully recover, to empower women to learn about the force of self-healing, to take care of their body, build strength and move properly in order to heal and feel great.

Gloria Johnson (Neuro and Troubleshooting Specialist)

Gloria has over 17 years experience in her industry with certifications in movement re-education, massage therapy, biomechanics, MPI mindset, and first aid. Gloria adds amazing expertise to the group by helping the women troubleshoot to get results when they need just a little extra.

Dr. Anna Hammond, DPT, OCS

Anna attended the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, South Carolina to obtain her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. While attending MUSC, Anna also became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. She and a colleague created a “screen and clean” program to help assess those who wanted to begin a gym program, work on injury prevention, or generally feel better physically.


(Mom and PT)

“Sarah is amazing! This program has helped me so much. After 2 kids in less than 2 years, I’ve been having low back and midback pain, mild incontinence, and a 2 finger diastisis. My diastisis closed after the first session!! My posture looks great, I’ve had no leaking, and my low back feels so much better (and when i doesn’t, I can fix it!).
She does a great job laying everything out systematically and is easy to understand. She even emailed me back personally with questions that I had. This has been a game changer for me – it’s empowering to understand your body better and to feel like you can fix yourself. I really feel like taking this class has prevented bigger injuries down the road. Thank you, Sarah!”



“Sarah has tremendous insight and knowledge of the inner workings of the body. I appreciate her unique approach to training muscles. It certainly works! I particularly value her understanding of postpartum bodies and how to restore them.
I spent years with other PTs and chiropractors trying to solve my postpartum weakened SI joint and hip pain issue. Nothing worked until I spent one morning in the company of Sarah. I am so grateful to her for giving me the tools to reclaim my body and making it better than it’s ever been before.

Laura Graefnitz

(Mom of 5 and Fitness Buff)

“I’m a mom of 5 ages 7, 5, 3 (almost 4), 2, and 9 months. I have my hands full and I love it. I have had c-section with all of my kids too, so I’ve got some abdominal issues. I had a diastasis recti that measured 4.5 fingers and thanks to Sarah Ellis Duvall it is completely closed at the top and down to 2 fingers around my belly button, and that’s after only a couple weeks of work!!”

Rob S.

(Exercise Enthusiast)

“Sarah is certainly well above any personal trainer or physical therapist I have worked with before. With her PT background, she knows the structure and mechanics of the body inside and out, along with a multitude of exercise solutions for various challenges. The other trainers I have worked with just don’t have that degree of proficiency, and the physical therapists I’ve worked with don’t have the fitness perspective.”

Is this program right for you?

  • Do you love self learning?

    This is an online course- Information is delivered immediately to you through streaming video right in the comfort of your home. This course can be used by itself or in conjunction with a Physical Therapist you see in person. If you really hate online learning and have a hard time being self-motivated then seeing a Physical Therapist in person may be your best bet. However, if you love learning, you love improving yourself mentally and physically, and you are a self-motivated individual then this program will be perfect for you.

  • Are you good at taking things one step at a time?

    The human body is very complex and at times can be overwhelming. These programs give you in-depth knowledge of how it all works, which can be a lot of information that you'll need to take one step at a time. If you get overwhelmed easily then having access to this much information might not be a good fit.

Membership Investment

Are you ready for change?

All-Access Membership

All CES Programs

Printable PDFs of all the workouts to chart your progress

Fitness Professionals on call! The CES team of experts help troubleshoot and modify any exercises as needed

Support and accountability in the secret Facebook group

$62.50 monthly equivalent for 6-month membership*
$95/month for monthly billing

*6-month membership is paid in full at the time of signup. $62.50 per month is the discounted rate for paying in full (saves $20/month).


100% Money Back Guarantee in the First 15 Days

(If you are a health and fitness professional, please register for the Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Certification. It will be a better fit. These programs are for personal use only, not for learning how to instruct others.)

After Signup:

You'll receive a personalized email from our team with your getting started guide and an invite to our private support group.

You'll get immediate access to all membership programs and be on your way to understanding and healing your body.

When you feel comfortable, you can post an intro to the group and we will get you pointed in the right direction. Or we can post anonymously for you if you aren't ready to share.

What Group Support Looks Like

Shared with permission from the person in the video. The group is secret and no one outside the group can see posts. It's a safe place for all the TMI!

Common TMI topics include everything from peeing, sex, body image struggles, bathroom habits, abdominal questions to much, much more. Seriously, there is NO TMI!


Frequently Asked Questions

It works just like netflix or hulu. You get access to the group support and all the videos with your membership.

Are you ready for change?

All-Access Membership

$55 monthly equivalent for 6-month membership**

$75/month for monthly billing

**6-month membership is paid in full at the time of sign up. $55 per month is the discounted rate for paying in full (saves $20/month)

100% Money Back Guarantee in the First 15 Days

(If you are a health and fitness professional, please register for the Postpartum Corrective Exercise Certification. It will be a better fit. This course is for personal use only, not for learning how to instruct others.)

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