Perifit Review

Perifit exceeded my expectations!

Things I loved, things I didn't, and why:

#1. Deep verses superficial muscle testing.

The superficial muscles (located near the outside of your vagina) help with bowel and bladder control. (They keep you from having leaks.) The deep muscles further in help to hold up your organs. This is the first pelvic floor trainer I have seen that looks at both the deep and superficial muscles. This is great for leaks and prolapse because many women will be able to squeeze but not lift, or lift but not squeeze.

If you set your Perifit to manual mode you can play around with trying to contract more of the superficial or deeper muscles for immediate feedback.

See how it shows you force, accuracy, release, stamina and workout frequency so you can track your results. It looks like I need to focus on strengthening my deep pelvic floor muscles a bit more! ? Now, I have an easy target for doing that.

#2. The workouts are challenging!

I have a different pelvic floor trainer at home that I used prior to trying the Perifit. The thing I love about the Perifit is that the workouts were more challenging for me. I had to try a lot harder for the basic workouts which made me feel like I needed to show back up for my next pelvic floor workout! It also comes with different workouts and games to make it a little more entertaining and fun. Not getting eaten by a bird was extra motivation to move the butterfly!! LOL! So it went beyond just hitting a certain mark. Why can't pelvic floor training be fun?!

There are different levels to unlock to keep you motivated moving forward. Maybe it's just me, but I enjoyed Super Mario Bros. as a kid and I've almost made it to the level that looks exactly like the tunnels. Can't wait!

#3. The relaxation time is really long!

I love how it makes you keep your pelvic floor relaxed for a long time. Many women have tightness, and in this case the relaxation part is more important than the tightening. This program makes sure you fully relax!

I highly recommend the Perifit if you're looking for a little extra help and motivation to strengthen your pelvic floor.

The thing I didn't like (which I don't think any pelvic floor trainer can give us) is lack of isolation. Many women contract their deep hip rotators when they contract their pelvic floor muscles. So if you feel like you're squeezing muscles in your glute area to get your pelvic floor to contract, please work hard on relaxing that area and focusing only on the middle of your pelvic floor to avoid causing tightness and pain.

I asked Perifit for a coupon code to share with the ladies in my program and they happily said yes! Use [coreExercise10] at checkout to get 10% off. Check out the Perifit here.

#4. No charging!

You can use it straight out of the box. No waiting 8 hours to charge. Hello Christmas morning!

*Perifit sent me a free sample to check out for a review. This did not affect my opinion at all. I love, love, love that it can tell deep vs superficial for a contraction and I think it's better than the other personal pelvic floor trainer that I currently own!


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