#1 Exercise for Fixing Forward Head Posture

Chin Tuck with a Head Lift

You need a strong neck to stand up straight and hold your head in line with your body. Due to forward head posture, most people have overused and tight muscles in the back of their neck. These muscles have to strain to constantly hold the head up all day. To offset this overuse, it is important to build the muscles in the front of the neck.

The muscles in the back of the neck get strained and overworked with forward head posture, and this is a great exercise to bring about balance, creating a loose, tension free neck, and most importantly bringing your head back in line with your shoulders!



  • Lie on your back, knees bent, shoulders back, palms up
  • Stretch your head, lengthening your neck, like someone is pulling on your head
  • Slightly tuck your chin
  • Pretend someone is pulling on your hair so hard that it lifts your head no more than 1 in off the floor
  • Hold it there for 5-10seconds. Repeat 5 times.


Trouble Shooting:

WTop10-10 hen you first start this exercise, your neck might be too weak to do it properly. If you find yourself lifting your head too high or sticking your chin out, try helping your head by either pulling on your hair or giving your head some gentle support. By pulling on your hair, it really gives you the feeling of lengthening through your neck that you need to do this exercise correctly.

Try this exercise after a hard day at the office, it will make your neck feel wonderful! Don't forget to take a picture of yourself and analyze it so you can make sure your neck is in the proper place.



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