Sarah Ellis Duvall has over 15 years of experience helping patients overcome injury. With a Doctorate and Masters in Physical Therapy, plus years of experience as a Personal Trainer, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the health and wellness field. Along with her educational background, Sarah competed in track and field for Clemson University. Being a collegiate level athlete gave her a passion for training hard and striving to accomplish high reaching goals. She is now an avid adventure sports enthusiast, wife, and mother. Her blend of experience and education allows for a unique approach for solving problems. Sarah enjoys both teaching continuing education for professionals as well as presenting to community groups. She is working hard to change the world of injury one patient at a time.

Is a Diastasis Recti Normal? Yes!!! A diastasis recti is a normal part of development in kids and also during pregnancy to allow room for the baby to grow. It’s actually pretty amazing what the body is capable of!! Let’s start with development. Almost all small humans have a diastasis recti (DR). Usually it naturally …

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Perifit Review for Leaking, Prolapse and Pelvic Floor Tightness Perifit exceeded my expectations! Things I loved, things I didn’t, and why: #1. Deep verses superficial muscle testing. The superficial muscles (located near the outside of your vagina) help with bowel and bladder control. (They keep you from having leaks.) The deep muscles further in help …

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How to Heal a Diastasis Recti Without Surgery Can you heal your diastasis? Maybe. But you won’t know until you give it your best effort. I want you to keep in mind, there is NO TIME LIMIT FOR HEALING!!! I’ve seen women 20 years postpartum and we’ve been able to fully rehab their diastasis. You […]

#MomFitHero – Stayce Kringstad #momfithero interview – Stayce Kringstad Stayce Kringstad came to Core Exercise Solutions determined to heal her diastasis. A registered nurse by education, she has always had a love for fitness and health. She has four kids ages 12, 4, 3, and 2, and through her very routine pregnancies, she was able […]

When is a weak bladder (stress incontinence) not the worst thing ever? When is a weak bladder (stress incontinence) not the worst thing ever? Do you leak or have clients who leak? It can be a complex topic and there are actually times when leaking could be a good sign. Let’s dive into the details […]

5 Key Steps for Helping Clients with Pelvic Organ Prolapse to Lift Safely The pelvic floor is an incredibly complex part of the human body. A thoughtfully-designed training program can go a long way in helping a client with pelvic organ prolapse to not only lift heavier and get stronger but also to decrease her […]

Tips to Stop Vaginal Farting or Queefing If you have ever experienced vaginal flatulence or farting, you know it can turn anything into an embarrassing moment. Think about yoga, sex, getting up after an urogynaecological examination, or getting off the floor in an exercise class. Let’s take a closer look at what causes it and […]

Exercises that Harm the Core and Pelvic Floor This morning I was at the gym working out, and while doing hanging leg raises I thought to myself, “gee, this is an exercise that many “experts” say to never do if you have core or pelvic floor issues.” I did 3 sets. Boom. Take that, list! […]

6 Ways to Maximize Pelvic Floor Strength By Mastering a Kegel My specialty is helping women figure out why their pelvic floor isn’t getting better after they have “done their kegels.” There are so many other areas of the body that affect how well the pelvic floor functions, whether that’s leaking, prolapse relief or just […]

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