9 Tips for Better Driving Posture

9 Tips for Better Driving Posture

This video is a compilation of 9 posture tips to leave you feeling great after a trip in the car!

Car Tip Tuesday Summary

  • Find your headrest. Relax your shoulders, find the headrest with the back of your head and gently rest your head back. Even when things get stressful try to keep your head resting on the headrest. Adjust the headrest to the proper position if need be.
  • Be a little gangsta in your car. Relax your hip flexors and rest back just a bit so your hip flexors won’t be constantly flexed. When you rock forward and put your pelvis forward on your legs you keep tension in your hip flexors.
  • Open and release your hips. Reach back and open your butt cheeks and then relax back into the set. Do not squeeze, tuck or clench! This can help keep the correct lumbar curve as well as open your hips and pelvic floor.
  • Check in with your back. Are your hips sitting level? Is one side hiked up? Try and keep your hips even so that you don’t hold tension in one side of your back.
  • Grow taller. Do not hold your abs in. Relax your abs but grow taller through your core. Try not to scrunch down. That can cause a lot of pressure down. This also helps your neck not hold extra tension too.
  • Correct foot position. Place your right foot directly under the gas and move your foot from the gas to the brake. This will help open your hip and prevent piriformis pain.
  • Tension check in. Start at the top and work your way down. Let it all go. Start at your jaw and relax it and then work your way down and let everything go. Wiggle around a bit to help really let things go.
  • Hold the steering wheel. Think about being a pinky gripper. Use the serratus and reach through. Do not death grip on your lats or hold tension in your upper traps.
  • Breathing. Where do you breathe when you drive? Your neck and shoulders should not move up and down. Inhale into your back not into your shoulders. Find the headrest and get back diaphragm expansion.



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