How to Build Arch Strength

Short Foot Exercise

Strong feet help prevent pain all the way up the chain. They are your foundation for strong knees, hips, and torso. Likewise, if your foot is weak, it causes your arch to collapse which can put additional stress on the fascia causing plantar fasciitis. It also causes internal rotation of the tibia (lower leg collapses in) which can cause severe torque at the knee, along with other issues up the chain like hip pain, knee pain, IT Band syndrome, and even back pain.

Top10-16 To create a strong arch, practice this foot exercise while standing in the shower. (Most everyone has bare feet then!)

  • Stand with your weight on the middle to outside of your heel, not the inside.
  • Keep your toes flat and press down with your ball of your foot under your big toe lifting your arch.
  • If you are having trouble not scrunching your toes then lift them, but work toward being able to keep them down and not let them scrunch.



  • You should feel (and see) your arch lift
  • Hold 3 seconds and repeat. Work up to 10
  • Follow with a calf stretch





Strong arches create a foundation for all exercises! Utilize short foot positioning before doing squats, deadlift or lunges and see if you can feel the difference.


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