Improve Your Core and Pelvic Floor

This webinar provides a breadth of knowledge for professionals in a self-exploratory way.

Meet your instructor: Dr. Sarah Duvall, PT, DPT, CPT

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Exercise 1:

Finding Hamstrings: Proximal versus Distal Hamstring

Our hamstrings attach behind the knee up to our ischial tuberosities
At the pelvis, they are like anchors and help to posteriorly tilt the pelvis
We often tend to clench our glutes when we engage our hamstrings, which can create restricted movement in the back of our pelvis
In this exercise, we are working on finding proximal hamstrings without glutes to help open up the back of the pelvis

Exercise 2:

Pelvic Floor Contraction - Front versus Back

How you contract the pelvic floor is important! Where you lead the contraction is going to change the kinetic chain that is involved
When you start the contraction from the back (posterior) you will get more glutes, hamstrings and deep hip rotators
This can contribute to leaking because we aren’t contracting from the front
If instead we contract from the front, we can get more lower abdominals and a lot less engagement in the back

Ready for part 2?

Decrease Pelvic Floor Tightness - Modified Child’s Pose

Part 2
We are going to work on opening or spreading your ischial tuberosities
This will help with decreasing tightness in the posterior pelvic floor and deep hip rotators
We will also improve the ability to shift into each hip for better pelvic floor function

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