Finally a shoulder course that's not designed for pitchers. The Shoulder Solution is made for those working with moms - Moms that want to safely carry children, improve posture and decrease tightness, fatigue, and pain in their shoulders.

Shoulder Solution

Who is this course for?

Professionals helping women:

  • Decrease tightness, fatigue and pain when holding kids or doing forward tasks i.e. computer, dishes
  • Build strength to safely carry kids in arms and on shoulders, lift a stroller, and more
  • Understand how weakness and poor pressure management impact the pelvic floor and linea alba
  • Improve posture. Decreased kyphosis and forward head posture
  • Decrease or prevent shoulder pain when raising the arm, overhead press, reaching into the back seat or hooking a bra
  • Improve poor breathing patterns
  • Improve neck, upper back, shoulder and chest tightness

Course Breakdown:

Anatomy and Movement

  • Scapular Functional Anatomy Review
  • Overview of Scapula Movement
  • Skeleton Demonstration of Scapular Upward Rotation
  • Pulling Shoulders Back and Down
  • Scapula Winging
  • Pec Minor vs Pec Major Squeeze Test
  • Strong Shoulders Midback vs RTC
  • GHJ Anatomy and Mechanics

Exercises for Movement

  • Banded Hug, Serratus Reach from Floor, Midback Squeezes, Rows, Y's and more.
Anatomy and Movement
Instability and Impingement

Instability and Impingement

  • Shoulder Impingement and Lack of Dynamic Control
  • Finding Balance in Strength
  • Shoulder ROM Screen
  • Checking Pec Minor Tightness

Release Work to Improve Movement

  • Angel Wings, Pec Minor Stretch, Chest Opener on Foam Roller, Upper Trap Release, Tight Capsule Stretch and more.

Spinal Mobility and Posture

  • Spinal and Shoulder Mobility
  • Midback Mobility and Mobilizing into Shoulder Flexion
  • Upper Midback Stretch
  • Checking Pec Minor Tightness
  • Midback Rotations Sidelying
  • Midback Rotations Hands and Knees
  • Forward Head Posture
  • Head Tilts and Jaw Glides
  • Chin Tuck and Head Lift
  • Hanging Release
  • Side Plank
  • Hip Hinge
Spinal Mobility and Posture
Overhead ROM and the Serratus

Overhead ROM and the Serratus

  • Range of Motion
  • Serratus Release
  • Serratus Foamroller Up the Wall
  • Controlling the Serratus with Jennifer
  • Shoulder Raise
  • Overhead Reach Supine
  • Overhead Press Variations
  • Push Press
  • Side Planks Looking at Scapula Positioning

Adaptations and Modifications

  • Upper Ab and Chest Gripping
  • Seated Squeeze Test
  • Foot Exercise


  • Pull-up Overview
  • Finding Lats- Isometric Pulldown (cue ER to seat shoulder)
  • Pull-up Progression
  • Hanging Shrugs
  • Holding Body Hollow Position on Bar
  • Bent Over Lat Pulls
  • Side Lat Pulls in Standing and Sidelying
  • Bent Over Rows
  • Horizontal Rows
  • Upright Row Considerations
Modifications, Adaptations and Pull-ups


  • Awareness of Deep vs Shallow Breathing
  • Breathing and Back Expansion
  • Hands and Knees Breathing
  • Overhead Breathing with Jennifer

Making it Functional and Special Considerations

  • Making it Functional
  • OH Range Limitation Affecting DR
  • Window into the PF

Case Studies

  • Sample Workouts to Build Strength Safely
Making it Functional and Special Considerations


Shoulder Solution