Posture Perfect

The Posture Perfect series moves through building neck and upper back strength by correcting your posture through exercise, stretching and myofascial release.

Posture Perfect

In Posture Perfect you will:

  • Learn exercises to decrease neck tension and pain.
  • Learn how to best support the vertebrae and discs in your neck.
  • Learn exercises to give you scapula strength to support good posture forever.
  • Learn how to open your chest and get your shoulders to stay open!
  • Learn how to have a great deep-breathing system.
  • Learn exercises to help with those midback aches and pains that come with forward tasks like cooking.
  • Learn the anatomy of what you’re working and why.
  • Fix that upper back hump that comes from hunching over babies.
  • Fix myofascial release tips and stretches to directly target tightness and pain.

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Standing Posture Tip

Without proper alignment, your muscles will not function properly. All healing starts with stacking your ribs over your pelvis. In this quick tip, you’ll learn how to connect your pubic bone to the top of your head to stand taller for everyday posture.

When you have proper alignment, you won’t need to draw in your belly button or squeeze your glutes to stand up. Your muscles will function naturally when they are connected.

Course Outline

Program Registration

You'll receive the Posture Perfect program - Online support, live calls, and tons of bonus materials.

What do you get with this All-Access Membership:

  • Stronger After Baby Starter Workouts
  • Diastasis Fix
  • Pelvic Floor Perfect Series
  • Happy Hips + Strong Glutes and Abs
  • Posture Perfect
  • Back Pain and SI Joint Fix
  • Fitness Doctors on Call! Yep, you get access to two Doctors of Physical Therapy, a Pelvic Floor PT, an Exercise Based Neuro Expert and industry-leading fitness experts to help troubleshoot and modify any exercises as needed.
  • Printable PDFs of all the Workouts to chart your progress.
  • Support and accountability in a small group setting.
  • Loads of Bonus Material: A myofascial release, yoga, plus, a killer nutrition section full of healthy, easy-to-fix recipes.
Posture Perfect is available exclusively through the CES All-Access Membership. Plans start at $37.50 USD/month.
  • 6 Weeks of video lessons specifically designed to loosen your chest, neck and midback and improve your strength and posture.
  • Specific myofascial release and mobility exercises to improve flexibility.
  • Specific special tests to find out if your neck tightness is coming from lack of core strength or hip flexor tightness.
  • Specialized exercises to build lasting strength for great posture forever.
  • 4 upper body workouts to continue improving strength after the 6 weeks of lessons.
  • PDF Downloads for each video.
Posture Perfect
"Best women’s fitness coach EVER. Sarah GETS it. She gives the encouragement you need while loving you where you are. She knows her stuff and she shares the hows and whys with you! I couldn’t ask for a better teammate on my road to fitness after two babies in two years."
– Beth
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