Pelvic Floor Series Part Four

Meet your coach: Dr. Anna Hammond, DPT

We've explored the effects of breathing, abdominal engagement, and hips on the pelvic floor.

Now let's look at how spinal and shoulder mobility affects the pelvic floor.

Thoracic Mobility
Back sketetal anatomy

When we have an area of the body that doesn't move as well as it should, it can create a tug-of-war in the body.

If we can allow these areas to open, we can better access our core and create back-body expansion.

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Barbara Handschin

"I absolutely LOVE the PCES course. I cannot even describe how much I’ve taken out of it. Sarah is such an amazing, gifted and passionate teacher."

Barbara Handschin, Certified Pilates Instructor

Stacey Schaedler

"The PCES course is HANDS DOWN the best continuing education I have taken in my 15 years in the fitness industry. I legit cannot recommend a course more! The information is applicable to ALL clientele male or female, postpartum or not!"

Stacey Schaedler, CPT

Laura Nice

"Information in this course is applicable to any professional in the fitness industry. Exercises and concepts can be applied to a wide variety of clients. Sarah’s enthusiasm and skillful ability to break down concepts make this course entertaining and useful. Unlike many courses, I apply concepts from this course on a daily basis."

Dr. Laura Nice, DPT