Day 2 of 2

Welcome to the exercise segment of our time together! These are two of my favorite exercises that have A LOT of important details to digest. All good stuff that changes the impact of the exercise.
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Welcome to Part 3:

Troubleshooting Serratus Activation

In this video, you'll learn:

How to activate the serratus anterior with a wall press
Proper form for less compensation with the chest and upper traps
Why activating your feet and core improves the effectiveness of this exercise

I believe everyone should be doing some type of serratus work. The serratus is one of the most underworked muscles in the body that needs to be incredibly strong to bring balance to the neck and shoulder, and it’s usually fairly weak. Hence one reason why neck and shoulder pain is considered a common occurrence.

This is one of my favorite starter serratus exercises. It’s a great one for helping to calm down tight upper traps. So if you’re having a tight neck day, be sure to give this one a whirl. The key is doing it right! You can do it in a way that makes your neck tighter when you cheat with your triceps, or you can do it in a way that makes your neck feel wonderful when you’re done. Give it a shot and see how you feel after. I list quite a few details and point out quite a few cheats so it might take watching it a time or two before you can absorb all the finer points. I promise it’s worth taking the time to work on the details.

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Welcome to Part 1:

The Pushup Plus

In today's video, you'll learn:

Why pushups from your knees can create tension
How to improve core activation
Head and hand alignment tips

Let’s end on one of the most popular exercises of all time. I’d like to present you with a challenge. Sure, you know how to do a push-up. Who doesn’t? BUT I’d love to challenge you to watch this video and see if you can spy the corrections we made to make it even better. Did you think of everything I mentioned? Did you think of more?

Pushups are actually harder than you think to get right! Let me know how it goes.

Could you hit all the finer points of a great pushup?


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