Pelvic Floor Series Part Two

Sidelying Rotations With Diaphragm Expansion

Our Pelvic Floor Responds to Our Breathing

We can use our breath. We can use our mouth, our throat, our respiratory diaphragm to influence and affect what's happening at the pelvic floor.

Our pelvic floor helps to control and influence our entire system. Our entire system helps to control and influence our pelvic floor.

Pelvic Floor Exercise 2

Today we are doing sideline rotations with an emphasis on expanding our diaphragm down towards our pelvic floor.

Thoracic rotation can help decrease pressure down on a tight pelvic floor.

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Hip and Pelvic Floor Function: Deep Hip Rotators
Hip and Pelvic Floor Function: Deep Hip Rotators

The PCES Certification helps you grow

  • Empowers you with full confidence in helping your pregnant and postpartum clients
  • Demystifies the common and not-so-common core and pelvic floor issues associated with child-birth, like diastasis recti
  • Teaches you how to help women of any age get into high intensity exercise while tackling issues that arise, like leaking and pelvic organ prolapse
  • Equips you with skills and knowledge on the whole body system you can apply immediately
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What health and fitness professionals are saying:

Lisa Sack

"This course provides a wealth of information on post-partum recovery delivered in a very thoughtful and well-organized series of lectures. Dr. Sarah is thorough, engaging, funny, and her case studies and how-to videos are brilliant and clear. As a yoga therapist, I am especially thrilled with the emphasis on breathing as a primary tool for recovery."

Lisa Sack, Certified Yoga Therapist

Gina Conley

"I've taken several prenatal/postpartum focused courses in the past year, and the Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist course was by far the best! There is no comparison! Sarah is incredibly in-depth with this course, and I feel like I am by far a better trainer, and postpartum woman, because of this course!"

Gina Conley, CPT, Doula, Owner of MamasteFit