Equipment Suggestions for Building Your Own Home Gym

Suspension Trainer

From Edge Mobility System $59. Get 10% off with code: [momfit10]

suspension trainer

Adjustable weights

You can go with two different kinds. The kind that I have in the videos that are stackable for easy weight changes or you can go with ones that have plates and you slide them on and off each end. Lastly, if you are not worried about space, you can get a couple of sets of free weights.

If you want to buy dumbbells online, I recommend getting them from

Amazon is usually expensive more for this item.

Pull Up Bars

I’ve listed 2 kinds of pull up bars, mountable and over the door depending on which scenario you need.

Full disclosure:

These are affiliate links. I don’t care whether or not you buy from my link. These are only up for suggestions. Amazon charges me to display them, so if I make more than $2/month as an Amazon affiliate it’s a miracle.

The suspension trainer I support because it’s awesome and the guy selling it is awesome. Great PT, dad and husband. He has a small business and supports his family, plus his suspension trainer is such a good price compared to the name brand TRX and I’ve been using it for well over a year now and it’s still in perfect condition. The only catch is shipping outside the US can be pricey, but the overall cost may still be less.