Meet the MomFit Heroes

They are women just like you that by working hard achieved incredible results!

The #MomFitHero stories were started as a way to show women new to the program that they could find success! The journey can seem long and impossible when you're just starting out and a little motivation can go a long way. Check out the stories below from these incredible women that have been through "it" and found success. You are not alone on this journey!!

Not Settling For Less After Prolapse

February 1, 2021

Not Settling For Less After Prolapse #MomFitHero- Natasha Natasha is an amazing member of our online community. She is very strong, dedicated, and is so uplifting to the other members! Seeing where she is now, you would never know how hard she had to fight to get there – but it is no surprise that […]

Finding Hope to Recover from Prolapse and Extreme Hip Pain

November 11, 2020

Finding Hope to Recover from Prolapse and Extreme Hip Pain #MomFitHero- Keturah Keturah is a special member of the CES family, she is a member as well as on the CES team. She is known for her many talents as well as her fabulous red lipstick. Keturah has the most incredibly uplifting way of encouraging […]

Using a Positive Mindset to Overcome Prolapse

October 12, 2020

Using a Positive Mindset to Overcome Prolapse #MomFitHero- Ilana Ilana has been a member of our online community for a few years now, and she has an amazing way of providing both calm and wisdom for other members. After having her first child in an unmedicated water birth she discovered her prolapse, and dealt with […]

Pregnancy and Life After Prolapse

August 31, 2020

Pregnancy and Life After Prolapse #MomFitHero Since Michelle Esau joined our community, we have all been encouraged by her thoughts and her strength while working through the physical, mental and emotional challenges that being diagnosed with prolapse brought into her life. She has two boys who are now 3 ½ and 14 months old. She […]

#MomFitHero- Dedication to Healing

April 28, 2020

#MomFitHero – Gina Paulhus Dedication to Healing Gina Paulhus is passionate about helping others fit their fitness goals into their daily life. In fact, she runs an in-home personal training company where she goes to her clients’ homes and sets them up with workout plans to fit their lifestyle and goals. She manages a team […]

#MomFitHero – Healing After Birth Injuries and Levator Ani Tearing

February 12, 2020

#MomFitHero – Frida Trönnberg Healing After Birth Injuries and Levator Ani Tearing If you have been in the Facebook group with us recently you have probably encountered the encouragement of Frida Trönnberg who has one daughter who was born in April of 2018. After a traumatic birth experience and a difficult postpartum recovery, we have […]

#MomFitHero- Trusting Her Body After Prolapse

January 20, 2020

#MomFitHero- Trusting Her Body After Prolapse Erin B is the mother of two girls ages four and almost two. She has always been a very active person. She has her own dog training business, and she also has been working at a Veterinary Clinic for the last 11 years. Besides doing the work she loves, […]

#MomFitHero- Finding Her Inner Strength

December 10, 2019

#MomFitHero- Erin’s Story of Finding her Inner Strength Erin has motivated us since she started working on Sarah’s programs. Her thoughtfulness and consistency are inspiring! She is married and has two daughters, ages 3 years old and 4 months old. She is also in graduate school studying to become a Certified Nurse Midwife. She does […]

#MomFitHero-Hannah-Not letting prolapse control her life

September 17, 2019

#MomFitHero- Hannah Not Letting Prolapse Control Her Life Hannah is the mom of a 19-month-old boy and works full-time as a manager at a tech company. She loves books and learning, and before having her son, she enjoyed hiking, triathlons, and boot camp classes. She stayed active throughout her pregnancy and was cleared for exercise […]

#MomFitHero – Stayce Kringstad

June 24, 2019

#MomFitHero – Stayce Kringstad #momfithero interview – Stayce Kringstad Stayce Kringstad came to Core Exercise Solutions determined to heal her diastasis. A registered nurse by education, she has always had a love for fitness and health. She has four kids ages 12, 4, 3, and 2, and through her very routine pregnancies, she was able […]

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