Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall is passionate about learning and educating others. Her courses for movement specialists are cutting edge and always garner rave reviews and repeat attendees. She also speaks regularly in the community on topics covering fitness, rehab and women’s health. You will find her talks to be as fun and engaging as they are groundbreaking.

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"Sarah is an incredible asset to the world of wellness. The blend of her professionalism and knowledge base has served me well. I have taken several of Sarah’s continuing education courses and also send my clients to her for troubleshooting. Her unique physical therapy practice provides thorough explanations and solutions every session. You cannot stump her. My corrective exercise skill set has grown substantially over the past 4 years and largely because of Sarah. My business and I thank her."

– Ryan Becknell, CPT http://www.premierfit.net/

"As A Personal Trainer with over 10 years experience, I place tremendous value on the instruction and education I received in Sarah’s Hip, Pelvic and Lower Back Workshop. She broke down some very complicated parts of the body and explained with simplicity their function, common injuries and disorders. Her knowledge has benefited me and my clients. I highly recommend her workshops for continuing education."

– Kenneth M Brown, Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer

"I cannot imagine teaching clients with special needs without having Sarah as a resource. Not only does she have a tremendous wealth of information, but she is constantly researching and exploring further. Sarah’s workshops are as informative as they are fun. She presents the information in a detailed way and leaves plenty of time to play with the concepts and get hands on experience with her expert guidance. I always walk away with new knowledge of my own body and new ideas to immediately begin implementing with my clients."

– Katie Ashley, Wellness Coach, Yoga and Pilates Teacher http://www.katieashley.org/

"Sarah has an incredible wealth of knowledge and a true passion for her profession. It shines through in her continuing education courses and her interaction with clients. I have thoroughly enjoyed her courses because they continuously improve my ability to be a better personal trainer. She is always willing to share her knowledge and experiences to help others. I am so thankful! I feel privileged to have met Sarah and am looking forward to taking more of her continuing education courses in the future!"

– Catherine Stephenson, NASM CPT

Learning is about understanding and direct application.
That is Sarah's gift, to convey difficult topics in a simple and easy to understand manner.

"I love Sarah’s clinical study turned practical application approach. She breaks down scientific jargon into client related issues and exercises. Plus her hands on approach effectively cues clients toward quick physical goals."

– Sarah Carmical, CPT, www.PerfectlyFitCharleston.com

"Sarah’s knowledge of the body never ceases to amaze me. She was able to instruct about the pelvic floor in a way that I will be able to translate easily to many of my clients in a personal training setting, enabling them to be more effective in their workouts. Without fundamentals such as this, gross motor patterns are not nearly as effective and may eventually result in injury and imbalances."

– Meredith Nelson, Med, ACE, AFAA, TPI, Owner or Prime Time Fitness www.PrimeTimeFit.net

Have Dr. Sarah come talk to your group today!

For more information please contact: [email protected]

Group Options:

  • Tailored Workshops for Places of Wellness
  • Community Groups and Clubs
  • Garden Clubs, Women's Groups and Mom's Groups
  • Running Groups and Adventure Clubs

Sarah tailors her talks specifically to the needs of each group. She brings interactive props, handouts and a projector to make each presentation fun and interactive.
Sarah has a passion for educating. Only through learning about yourself can you truly stay healthy and injury free.

Favorite Discussion Topics:

  • Healthy Exercise During Pregnancy
  • Postpartum care: Turning on the Core and Pelvic Floor
  • Caring for Your Spine: How to be free of Low Back and Neck pain
  • Survive Your Desk Job: How to keep your body fit at work
  • Trainers and Gyms: Injury Prevention and Postrehab Training

For a list of current CEU course offerings [Click Here].

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