Meet Your Full Support Coaches

Expert support to guide you though the PCES Certification

Dr. Anna Hammond, DPT, OCS

Dr. Anna Hammond, DPT, OCS

Anna received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the Medical University of South Carolina in 2009, and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and Orthopedic Certified Specialist.

She has run outpatient orthopedic physical therapy clinics, been a high school strength and conditioning coach, led women's health and wellness classes for high schoolers and female faculty, and she’s been a valued member of the CES team since 2016. Anna is a mother of two and loves staying active with a background in weightlifting, yoga, hiking, and playing competitive women's ultimate Frisbee.

Anna first came to CES for help with her own pregnancy and childbirth recovery. She immediately found a passion for teaching women to help themselves and others and promote better access to the care and support needed to feel empowered in their own bodies again.

Anna has a great talent for assessing movement patterns, a love of learning, and brings a puzzle-solving perspective to her whole-body approach. She greatly values the importance of mindset and happiness in an individual's healing journey, and enjoys helping people learn to connect to their bodies and apply the concepts taught in the PCES course to what they already love doing.

Anna looks forward to interacting with other fitness professionals with a similar passion and helping to apply the PCES content throughout various communities to reach even more women.

Jill Zimmerman, DPT, CPT

Jill Zimmerman, DPT, CPT

Jill Zimmerman is a Physical Therapist. Mother. Wife. Business Owner. Instagram educator. Critical thinker.

Jill graduated from DPT school at the University of Maryland, Baltimore in 2008. She worked in traditional outpatient Ortho clinics for 5 years before purchasing her own cash pay hybrid 1:1 PT/training studio. Since then she has been an empathetic listener, observer, and creative manipulator of movement. She is an advocate for all and practices with a ‘treat the whole person’ mindset driven from a place of determination to do her absolute best.

Jill was part of the very first release of the PCES 1.0 course, taking a deep dive into all things pelvic floor after experiencing both a diastasis and prolapse following the birth of her child.

In addition to the PCES certification, Jill's work has been most influenced by Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) and Katie St Clair's Empowered Performance. Jill also has special interests in hypermobility syndromes and how trauma and stress show up in the body and influence both pain and movement.

In 2020, Jill began to teach online. She created several live/recorded courses for movement professionals, offering an approachable introduction to the basics of core and pelvic floor function with a full body mindset.

She currently mentors an Online Case Study once a month, providing opportunities for movement professionals to hone in on their practical application of observation, assessment and exercise selection skills while fostering a sense of community.

Jill's strengths are in using positional breathing strategies to treat underlying muscular imbalances, pelvis and rib cage assessment, and using full body strength training to fully integrate the pelvic floor into everyday function. Her teaching style is practical, using humor and relate-ability to foster connections that make sense in your brain.

She has been mentoring PCES study groups independently for 2 years and is excited to bring her unique background and creative integration of the PCES material to the full support group!

What is Full Support for PCES?

Our Full Support Group is a special place where we help support each other, learn, and grow! You can ask questions or post videos for exercise critiques at any time to get help, it doesn’t matter which week you’re working in.

We’ll also do roughly 2 Live Calls per month so we can dive into more in-depth answers to your questions during the calls. Most call times are determined by vote, and they are recorded and posted after so you can submit any questions you like ahead of time if you can’t make the call live. This group is where we’ll spend the first 3 months of our time together.

Sarah Teaching - Pelvis Pro

As part of your Full Support package, you’ll also get an additional 3 months of support in our Inner Circle membership, which includes access to a business program, past Live Calls, and other courses as well.

Keep in mind that you’ll keep the PCES course forever, but this bonus material is only available while you’re subscribed to the Inner Circle membership. It’s an awesome library that you wouldn’t normally see as part of the PCES course. You’ll also have access to the grads in the group, which is an awesome benefit because they are a wealth of knowledge!