Wall Squat: Enhance Glute Medius, Increasing Hip Strength

Your glute medius is an extremely important muscle for pelvic stability. It's the key for preventing your pelvis from dropping down on one side every time to take a step. This holding of the pelvis is what creates a strong base for the spine to sit in. Without a strong glute medius you are more at risk for hip and back pain.
Single leg squats and single leg lowers are two of my favorite exercises but they are difficult! If you had trouble with them, try this exercise for a little added stability and enhanced glute firing.
It will give your glute medius direct pressure increasing recruitment. Your glute medius helps to stabilize your pelvis for a single leg squat. It also helps prevent back, hip and knee pain. If your glute medius is weak your hip will drop or your knee will cave in causing pain.
Even if you can do perfect single leg squats try this exercise as a warm up before your next run or workout and feel your hip burn!


I picked up this great exercise from one of Chloe Lanthier's classes. If you have not heard her talk, you should check out one of her classes today!


  • Stand on your left leg and use your right leg to push against the wall.
  • Sit back into a small squat
  • Do not let your spine change! Maintain your lumbar curve. Do not arch it more and do not lose the arch.glute medius
  • Look down- your knee should be straight in line with the middle of your foot.
  • Do not let your knee go over your toes.


  • Keep your knee straight. See how my hip is stacked straight over my supporting leg.
  • Do not let your knee cave in or your hip stick out.




Trouble Shooting:

glute medius

  • Do not lose your lumbar spine!
  • This picture shows a glute that does not want to be eccentrically loaded. This is bad because it means the movement is coming from your spine not your hip.
  • This type of loading increases stress on the discs as well as creating a weak hip.




glute medius


  • Do not let your hip collapse out.
  • Do not let your knee cave in.







A slightly easier exercise to try is wall squats with a ball.


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