Standing Posture Tip

Why does it have to be so complicated?! Shoulders back, not back and down, wait, relax your shoulders, don't pull on them at all. Come taller, not military tall, just taller. Lengthen your neck but don't tuck your chin too much. Don't tuck your bottom but don't stick it out. Unlock your knees, don't bend your knees. We're having fun right?! LOL.

Then on top of all the confusing directions, if you have muscle tightness, it makes it virtually impossible to follow these recommendations. (Side note: Muscle tightness is generally a product of muscle imbalance, which needs strengthening and the right exercises to loosen forever, not more stretching.)

Let's do a quick test to prove this tightness/posture point. Lie on the floor with your palms up, arms by your side. Are your shoulders flat? If not, it will be virtually impossible for you to get your shoulders in line with your body without cranking on your spine in standing. To get those shoulder's back, you need a loose chest muscle. To loosen your chest muscle, you need to get out of a shallow breathing pattern and develop some midback (scapula) strength. Pulling on your shoulders to try and have great posture won't do any good. Shoulder's should simply be at rest when standing.

Foam rolling your chest can help with loosening some of those knots. Lie facedown on a roller. Start with the roller under your armpit and then roll in. (i.e. pretend you're giving yourself a mammogram- fun times!)

Hold any knots for a few seconds. Repeat every other day.

pelvic floor exercises

This feels great. Especially on my computer mouse hand side. Be gentle. You're not trying to kill your muscles here. If you can't relax, it will not do as much good. You may need to place a pillow or towel over your roller to decrease the intensity.

If we set all the confusion aside, a simple tip for great posture is learning how to stack your ribcage over your pelvis. In this video, we take a closer look at what goes wrong when someone tries to "come taller" or have better posture and then we look at how to fix that.

Connecting your core is vital to fixing EVERYTHING. No, I'm not being dramatic. If your core doesn't connect in the middle, your neck, pelvic floor, hips, etc., not to mention spine, will not be fully supported, increasing your risk of tightness, pain, and injury.

Want more great exercises to fix your posture? Check out MomFit! This is a strength building workout that starts at "completely out of shape" and takes you to Ninja Warrior.

Another great place to hit is your midback. Check out that post [here].

Then, one of my all time favorite posture exercises is a chin tuck head lift. Check that out [here].

Good luck in the great posture struggle. I'm proud of you for working on it!

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