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Stayce Kringstad came to Core Exercise Solutions determined to heal her diastasis. A registered nurse by education, she has always had a love for fitness and health. She has four kids ages 12, 4, 3, and 2, and through her very routine pregnancies, she was able to keep up with her regular workouts. Knowing what she knows now, she realizes she worked out too hard and made her diastasis worse. She was able to regain a functional core after her first baby in spite of her diastasis, but then after three back to back pregnancies in recent years her core was not in good shape. Let’s hear some more of her story!

When and why did you start Sarah's program? What had you already tried?

I worked out pretty hard and my poor core was shot after my fourth baby. I was told by my OB and a plastic surgeon - who I had seen for an umbilical hernia - that the only way to fix diastasis was to get a tummy tuck. To me that seemed a bit too invasive and I was determined to try a natural approach first.

I came across Sarah’s program after I tried another program that was aimed at healing my diastasis. Initially, I saw really great results and that is when I decided I wanted to help other women who had the same issue, so I got certified to teach their method. I followed it by the book, completely changing the way I worked out and following the instructions for daily life movements.

I did my daily core compressions for five months (the program is supposed to heal DR in three months if it isn’t severe… mine wasn’t in the severe category so three months should have been sufficient). My transverse abdominis muscles (TA’s) were super strong and my linea alba was in great shape, but I wasn’t seeing the change in the distance between my rectus muscles. At that point, I felt there was a missing piece, so I searched out more programs and I came across Sarah.

How were you feeling at that point?

I was a bit discouraged when I was doing all the “right” things but not seeing the results I was expecting. Physically, my DR seemed healed. I could not feel the separation at all on engagement. There was no distinction between the two sides of my rectus and that was because I worked my TA’s so much that my core muscles were not balanced. I basically lost my rectus muscle and external obliques but had super duper strong TA’s and internal obliques.

What was different about Sarah’s program?

I signed up for her Diastasis Fix program and I immediately knew she would have the answers to my missing pieces. Diastasis is a whole body issue and you can’t fix it in a one-size-fits-all manner. Every one of us brings our own adaptations and compensations to the table, and we all have different issues to fix that will contribute to the persistence of our diastasis - and Sarah communicates this so well.

I learned so much from her program that I decided to take her course for health and fitness professionals, and I have continued into her Inner Circle course which is out of this world! I have learned so much and I am understanding my body on a whole new level.

Your story is so encouraging! Can you share with us any significant "aha!" moments?

One was when I figured out why my ribs were flared and that it is an issue for a separation above the navel. And another part of the reason my rectus distance is wider than I’d like it to be (it’s between 2 - 2.5 cm - so “technically” healed) is because my TA’s are so strong and their action is to pull the muscles away from the midline…… aaahh no wonder my rectus gap has not closed more!

So many pieces to the puzzle, I love that even with all of your fitness knowledge you are still learning so much! What are you working on now?

Currently, I need to work more on my flared ribs and strengthen my rectus, external obliques, serratus, lats and glutes! My goal is to get my core muscles balanced and to get the right amount of resting tone. I am super tense in some areas so I’m also working on learning how to relax and not be so stiff. I have always been good at working hard, but it is learning when to back off and rest that is can be so difficult for me.

It’s been a long road but I’m definitely getting there! I am also really excited to be able to help other women in my community who have diastasis recti and pelvic floor issues. As an exercise instructor, the things I am learning from Sarah are invaluable!

If you'd like to chat more with Stayce about her journey or get her help as an instructor, she's great and so easy to talk to.

Stayce's Contact Info:

Website www.corelastic.fit
Social media IG @corelastic.fit


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