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#Momfithero 4.5 Finger Diastasis to Super Mom

Laura Graefnitz is one of our pioneering members! She joined us nine months after her fifth child was born. She has always been an athlete and a bit obsessed with working out and eating well. At the time she was feeling frustrated that all of her best efforts at fitness weren’t doing anything for her 4.5 finger-width diastasis. She started with the Diastasis Fix program. Let’s hear some more of her story!

What in your life led up to trying the Diastasis Fix program?

I was so frustrated when I decided to start the program. It was discouraging to work so hard at the things I had always done to be fit, but then to look in the mirror and feel like those efforts were not paying off. I wanted an awesome body - strong and capable like it was before I had children! I had been told that I could go the surgical route, but I didn’t want to. I'm not sure if I'm done having babies yet, and I didn’t want my active life to come to a standstill in the meantime. I know eventually I'll have to have surgery to fix my umbilical hernia and hopefully to fix the crazy amount of loose skin that developed from my big babies, but I wanted to fix what I could on my own first. I don't like being told I can't do something...it's the best way to motivate me! I knew there had to be help out there. That's when I found Sarah.

So what results did you see after starting the program?

After working through the Diastasis Fix for two weeks my gap had already closed to about 2.5 fingers. It was so motivating to see the progress that I literally watched all the videos in two days....I was determined to get this gap closed! After another six weeks of work, the gap closed another finger width.

That is incredible progress in that amount of time! What did you do next?

At that point, I turned to Sarah to see what I could do to heal the rest of the way. Playing soccer through college and suffering several injuries, in addition to having five babies, put my body through a lot, and I knew that I needed some help to continue progressing. She instructed me to stop doing work on my front abdominals and only work on my obliques for a while, and also to work on getting my gluteus muscles stronger. I was a bit hesitant because all I could think was how could avoiding the problem area really help?! But, thankfully, Sarah was right. After another six weeks, my diastasis recti on the top and bottom was completely shut and the gap around my navel was about 1.5 fingers, but firm in the middle. At this point, I could finally do front loading core exercises and everything stayed firm!

You mentioned your old soccer injuries, has Sarah been able to help you through any of these as well?

I had some serious injuries from playing soccer in high school and college - two ACL tears and an ankle in which I had torn two ligaments. Even though the surgeries fixed the problems and the physical therapy I received afterward got me back to playing soccer, I don't know that I was ever fully healed. I'm still working on strength in my right leg, which is the side on which all of the injuries happened. I tend to jump full steam into workouts and to try to get to the hardest level now. Sarah taught me to slow down and master movements before making the exercises harder. I think my right side will always be a little problematic, but now that I am more aware of how my body works, I think an injury is much less likely. The education on the body that I have received while going through Sarah’s programs has been amazing!

Where are you at now? You have made so much progress, do you feel like you are at the point where you can do anything?

I am now exactly two years postpartum and my diastasis remains firm, and I have been able to start working out hard like I did before! Currently, I am working out six days a week and am continuously trying to push myself to the next level. Part of that time I spend going through Sarah’s MomFit progressive fitness program. I was also able to jump into another fitness program that I love doing and that would have been too hard before I healed my diastasis. I walk a ton and run occasionally, and I play with my kids every day....that's the best part about being fit! I don't want to be a mom that watches from the sideline while dad gets to have all the fun. I want to be involved in teaching and playing when my kids get into sports. Now I am at the point where I never have to say no to playing with them - I love it!

How do you stay focused with all of the distractions that come with being a busy mom?

I set myself goals three months at a time. Right now a goal I have is to improve my measurements and body fat percentage by Christmas. So my workouts are instrumental in achieving that goal - and I am always motivated by getting stronger. Some of my other goals are to work on getting better sleep - five kids tend to get in the way of that eight-hour ideal! Also, I have made drinking enough water into a game I play - otherwise that’s a boring goal. But water matters so much!

It really sounds like working with Sarah has helped you grow in ways beyond just your workouts, am I right?

Sarah really has changed my life. I have always wanted to be as strong as possible so I could live life doing anything I choose, but determination and hard work only get you so far. Until Sarah helped me put the pieces together so that my hard work was actually going towards something I would think, “well, I guess I'll just have to live through this pain.” Now, when I have a physical issue, I think "how can I fix this.” It's a drastic mental shift for me. I have always said that getting healthy and being active will help mentally, now I am experiencing those benefits and sharing what I have learned with others. Being able to reach out to help others find solutions for their own physical issues has added something wonderful to my daily life!


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