#MomFitHero-Back to running with prolapse

#MomFitHero Back to running with prolapse!

Over the last year, this mom and former ballet dancer has been encouraging women in our group with her insight into pelvic floor healing. Her experience working through the mental and emotional side along with the physical side of pelvic floor recovery has helped us understand how discouragement can sabotage our efforts. She is so good at seeing the big picture in the midst of the everyday ups and downs. She has four kids, ages nine, six, four, and two - three boys and a girl. And she is a lawyer in her “spare” time! After the birth of her fourth child, she started running again. Then in February of 2017, she developed a grade one - maybe grade 2 - prolapse. This is when she found Sarah’s programs. Let’s hear some more of her story!

As you were trying to get back into shape after pregnancy, what did your workouts consist of?

I am type A and very goal-oriented, so I went from never running to running three miles over the course of about four weeks. As a former ballet dancer, I had a lot of body dynamics that were not conducive to safe running. After developing a prolapse I remembered seeing Sarah’s program recommended on a Facebook mom page and signed up for that before I started anything else.

How were you feeling when you had to stop running and get into physical therapy exercises?

I was absolutely devastated. I felt like my body had completely betrayed me. Physically, the prolapse didn’t impact my life one iota beyond exercise, but I needed exercise to stay sane. I did not want to give up something I valued so much!

What did you do next?

I started with Pelvic Floor Perfect. Looking back I can see that progress came in bursts and plateaus, but I felt empowered right away. A big aha moment for me came when I realized I was always working with a reversed breathing pattern - even en pointe on stage. It makes me sad to realize now that I had something so fundamentally wrong for so many years.

What have you been working on since going through PFP?

In addition to Sarah’s program, I work with an in-person physical therapist who knows Sarah’s programs. They have me doing many of the exercises from Posture Perfect, Diastasis Fix, Happy Hips and MomFit.

What are you working on now?

I’m doing almost everything I want to do. I’ve been able to get back into running and am up to a couple of miles symptom-free. I’m adding more weight training in and getting stronger. I’m running an ultra 5k with a team in March, so that’s my most immediate goal.

Wow, that is fantastic! It sounds like in spite of your negative experience with prolapse that you are no longer feeling like it is holding you back, would you agree?

Exactly. In general, I now view this as a blessing. My body had to really send the message loud and clear that I was NOT using it appropriately. If prolapse had not stopped me, I could have continued mistreating my body for decades. I would hate to discover the true damage after it was really too late to fix it. I am thankful that I feel like I am stronger and now on a path to preserve my physical freedom for as long as I can in my lifetime.

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