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Becky is an advanced Dressage Rider from the UK, and mom to three children ages six, four and two that keep her very busy. She needs to be strong to keep up with them and the two horses, two ponies, two dogs, one cat, eight hens and two guinea pigs they have at home! After pregnancy, she was left with a large diastasis recti and tried several different programs on the market, including meeting in person with a trained specialist. Nothing helped until she started Sarah’s programs. Let’s hear more of her story!

When did you decide that you needed help with your postpartum recovery?

I was assessed by a physical therapist and found out that I had a three to four finger gap that was also fairly long and deep, to the point that my PT believed I had a hernia. An ultrasound scan confirmed I didn't have one, but my linea alba was very thin and stretched.

That must have been hard to hear! What did you do next?

I started researching, reading books and tried three of the popular programs that are out there for diastasis repair. I even found someone in person who had been trained in the strategies I was reading about. I continued to have a pretty wide, deep and long diastasis, and actually felt that some of the programs made it worse. I needed something to work!

How were you feeling at this point?

I was at the point of seriously considering surgery to repair my gap and reduce my belly bulge. I was on an emotional rollercoaster, and it occupied my thoughts a lot and it made me fairly low at times. At this point, I found some of Sarah's YouTube videos. After signing up I was sure her programs would help, and they certainly have!

What changes did you notice as you went through Sarah’s programs?

My gap is now 1 to 2 fingers wide and firm all the way down, and it is closing more by the week! My belly bulge has also decreased dramatically and now even looks OK in the evenings with my food baby! It was so helpful to be able to share videos of specific exercises and ask for advice on how to improve them. The fact that the program is online and that there is a private Facebook group makes it so I can live on the other side of the ocean and still benefit from Sarah’s expertise, as well as the other experts in the group.

What are some of the things that you have been working on besides the Diastasis Fix? Has your healing been about more than just repairing your abdominals?

As I went through Sarah’s physical therapy programs it became clear that there were other issues in my breathing and alignment that were preventing my diastasis from healing. I realized that having a diastasis is a whole body issue. Breathing, postural alignment, tension and tightness in random areas of the body - areas that you would think never would affect your core - can have such an influence on healing. I have just started seeing a Rolfer and hope that he can help with some of my alignment and tension issues too.

What are you working on now? What are your current goals?

I have worked through all the programs and am now on Momfit 9 and feel super strong. Sarah evaluated that my diastasis is closed and my current goal is to learn how to handle pressure better so I don’t bulge in certain activities. I am learning to apply what I have learned as I ride my horse, which still shows the weak points in my abs, alignment, and breathing at times and is something I am eager to get right! Hopefully, my front abs will catch up with the appearance of my obliques and I will have washboard abs!

I am so happy and also proud that I have achieved my goal to mend myself and avoid surgery. It's taken a lot of hard work, but it has paid off. I could not have done this without Sarah's amazing programs and fantastic facebook group. Her and her support team have such a wealth of knowledge, and I love being part of such an inspiring group of strong women!


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