Jessica and Anna's Recovery

1 Week to 6 Months Postpartum Summary

Jessica's Summary

A lot can happen in 6 months. The first 6 months postpartum is a lot of give and take as you are recovering from birth - not sleeping well and caring for a new infant. I continued to work on the basics as I felt good and worked on getting stronger at the gym and habit stacking in daily life. This postpartum felt amazingly better than the first time I gave birth. I have still dealt with struggles and setbacks - one month I would feel super strong and then my period would hit and I would take a couple of steps back. I have found that keeping strong through my pregnancy has helped me in leaps and bounds. As I am testing my limits on things I am finding that my strength level has improved dramatically if you were to compare it to the same timeline postpartum with my first child. So wins all around!

Here are a couple of things that improved in the first couple of months - my head posture improved dramatically - also my ab tone. You can tell I have some tight hip flexors still and a hinge point at 6 months but it has definitely improved since immediately postpartum. I feel like I have laid some great foundations of breathing and working through the untwisting series so I am now continuing to work on keeping those great habits and building on the great foundation by adding strength. I feel like I can do just about anything. I can run in an emergency without leaking, I can bike and walk while feeling great. I don’t feel utterly broken like I did when I first injured myself at 5 months postpartum with my first baby. I am continuing to work on serratus strength as that seems to be the biggest thing hindering me in most upper body stuff. I am coming to a lot of bodyweight exercises with just more physical body weight than before - which I am fine with - I know a lot of it is muscle - I am no longer a wet noodle like I was before!

Going forward -

  • Continue to build hip strength. My deep hip rotators want to kick in so I am working on lifting more weight and making sure its the glute max is kicking in and not my deep hip rotators. Glute med also needs some love as well 🙂
  • Lower ab strength - this was something that limited me big time last time so I am hitting deadbugs and lower abs especially planks at least 3 to 4 times a week
  • Serratus and lower trap strength - this has been a constant struggle for me but I am getting ahead! Working on continually releasing and strengthening and my neck, for the most part, has been feeling amazing!!
  • Arches - My goal is to be able to run without pain and I need to continue to work on arches to keep working towards that goal 🙂

Jessica's Recovery
6 Month Versus 1 Week

Anna's Summary

And here we are 6 months postpartum. I’ve come a long way in just how I feel tolerating everyday life of being a mom let alone taking on leading online Zoom workouts for my other job. I no longer think about what I’m doing when I go to pick up my 3 ½-year-old, throw her around, and can chase her. I am just straight up trusting my body more and thinking less. I still have room to improve and have to battle the increased ligament laxity from breastfeeding hormones and posture effects of nursing and carrying a little one as well as increased online work, but the overall trajectory is upward. Here you can see how I still have some forward head posture, rib flare, and anterior pelvic tilt, but I have taken the extremes of the curves out of my spine and pulled myself upright a bit more. You can see my hinge point is less dramatic and I have less rounding in my thoracic spine. I still am working through backside pelvic floor tightness, particularly the right side, and some intermittent neck discomfort, but feel like I have the tools to keep fighting the good fight. It’s definitely been more challenging fitting it in with this new norm of not only two kids, but the state of lack of alone time right now. However, it’s not changing any time soon, so better off creating a new plan of attack for this than reminiscing on how things once were. I’ll be missing from blog posts, but not missing from putting the work in behind the scenes in not only the workouts but also daily life habits and patterns.

Anna's Recovery

This is the last blog for us until our babies are 12 months old. We will do an update blog at that time with progress pictures and details of the events of the last 6 months and how our recoveries have gone during that time.

Bye for now!

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