Hypertrophy and Assessments

Assessments and hypertrophy

Review of Dean and Dr. Mike's Assessment and Hypertrophy Course

Improving strength is extremely important for leading an awesome life! Being weak is no fun. Times are changing, which is awesome, but in some areas, women still only want to lift the pink weights. Seriously! Nothing against the color pink but I just don’t get why they are afraid of getting too strong. I want to be as strong as I possibly can and am currently in a pull-up contest with my hubby. He is still winning, but not for long. hahahaha!

I think guys that tell women they don't want them getting "too strong" should be smacked upside the head. Quit being insecure men and support your woman to do whatever she wants with her body. Muscles are sexy!! And, so is being able to get off the couch without help when you're 85. You need muscles for that!

There is this huge misconception that looking at heavy weights will make you huge.

There are a lot of scrawny guys out there that would beg to differ. For most people, women especially, gaining muscle and looking like you lift takes a considerable amount of work, effort and time.

Building strength means increased bone density, increased resting metabolism (who doesn’t like being able to eat more?), increased performance goals and of course just makes you look healthier and better.

If you’re looking to learn how to put on more muscle and how to run through a total body assessment when your client walks in the door, you have to check out Dean and Dr. Mike’s new course.

Course Overview:

Assessments play such a big role in programming. Dean goes through the entire body looking at shoulder and hip range of motion and function during movement. He looks at squats, rows, push ups and deadlifts. These movements are the foundation for most exercises.

On top of assessments, he looks at stretching and the pros and cons of static stretching vs mobility work and he does it in that awesome Dean way. If you’ve taken one of his classes before, you know what I’m talking about.

The other part of the course is body composition and building muscle! Dean covers body fat, what’s a normal body fat and what’s the best way to test your client’s body fat before diving into the full body assessment material. It’s a much watch for any trainer’s intake of a new client.

I don’t know Dr. Mike like I know Dean, but I took a lot away from his section on building muscle.

How much should we lift, how often and why you need a different approach between big tough dudes and small females. (Guys, stop giving your girlfriends your workouts. They don’t work!)

He was down to earth and in some parts just hilarious. (Warning: contains adult language)

The funniest take away was the fact that you need some fat in your diet to have a sex drive. Yep, he goes there. I literally could not stop laughing about the fact that men have been giving women chocolate for years as a romantic gesture. Finally, validation through science.

It was a great seminar and I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you’re a trainer and looking to brush up on assessments and hypertrophy, then you should check it out!

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Assessments and hypertrophy
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