Get Lasting Results With All-Access

  • Pelvic Floor Perfect
  • Diastasis Fix
  • Happy Hips + Strong Glutes and Abs
  • Posture Perfect
  • MomFit Workouts
  • Support and accountability in a small, women-only group setting
  • Full access to the CES team of professionals

    You get access to two Doctors of Physical Therapy, a Pelvic Floor PT, an exercise-based neuro expert, and industry-leading fitness experts working in the capacity of personal trainers to help troubleshoot and modify any exercises as needed.

  • Loads of bonus material

    Including content on myofascial release and yoga, Zoom workouts, and our nutrition section full of healthy, easy-to-fix recipes.

Get help from industry-leading professionals for lingering postpartum issues

Pelvic floor and core issues are all too common for millions of postpartum women, causing anxiety, confusion and stress. Even for moms ready to improve their symptoms, the expense of traditional physical therapy and fitting additional appointments into an already busy schedule can feel daunting and overwhelming.
Luckily, with our All-Access Membership, you will have all the tools needed to improve your pelvic floor symptoms from the comfort and convenience of your own home at a fraction of the cost of traditional physical therapy visits.
You will also experience the benefit of community with your membership to our private, women-only Facebook group! Here you will find specialized coaching from our team of experts– all of whom are moms– to help you choose the right program track for you and your symptoms. Also, take advantage of group support so you can ask questions and get advice quickly on how to best work through your plan.
Let the CES team of experts guide you on your path to recovery and make sure you have the best information and exercises available to get back to feeling strong and confident in your body!


Unlimited access to every program

You get everything, all in one membership, all at the same time.

Not only can you work through all of Dr. Sarah’s programs catered to core and pelvic floor improvement, but also her entire MomFit program. These workouts get progressively harder to get you MomFit Warrior strong. These workouts can be done alongside the other programs so you will never get bored with doing the same exercises. The possibilities are endless!


Live Zoom workouts and Facebook live calls

Join Dr. Sarah’s Facebook Live sessions where she answers questions posed by group members to make sure everyone can move forward in their progress without hesitation. Past sessions are also posted in the group to watch at your convenience in case you miss one. Also join in on Dr. Anna’s Zoom workouts and exercise breakdowns to get you moving forward quickly.

Weekly progress sheets and goal-setting guides

Progress sheets and workout descriptions are available as printable PDFs so that you will always know exactly what you are doing, and be able to track the progress you are making toward your goals!


Guidance on healthy, delicious nutrition

Access to MomFit includes expert advice for maintaining healthy nutrition, including 4 weeks of meal ideas, 15-minute recipes, kid-friendly recipes, vegetarian recipes and much more!

Exercise demos and follow-along instruction

Each exercise in these programs is clearly demonstrated with cues and tips for the best results. There are follow-along videos so you can exercise alongside Dr. Sarah for extra motivation.



You will have access to tons of bonus material, including how-to videos for myofascial release, diastasis and pelvic floor safe yoga routines, interviews with industry experts, and much more.

Life-Changing Stories From CES Members

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What Group Support Looks Like

Shared with permission from the person in the video. The group is secret and no one outside the group can see posts. It's a safe place for all the TMI!

Common TMI topics include everything from peeing, sex, body image struggles, bathroom habits, abdominal questions to much, much more. Seriously, there is NO TMI!


Membership Investment

Are you ready for change?

All-Access Membership

All CES Programs

Printable PDFs of all the workouts to chart your progress

Fitness Professionals on call! The CES team of experts help troubleshoot and modify any exercises as needed

Support and accountability in the secret Facebook group

$62.50 monthly equivalent for 6-month membership*
$95/month for monthly billing

*6-month membership is paid in full at the time of signup. $62.50 per month is the discounted rate for paying in full (saves $20/month).


100% Money Back Guarantee in the First 15 Days

(If you are a health and fitness professional, please register for the Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Certification. It will be a better fit. These programs are for personal use only, not for learning how to instruct others.)

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