Is there such a thing as Perfect Posture?

pelvic floor exercises

Be sure to grab a selfie in the bathroom mirror before reading this post!

There is no such thing as perfect posture, everyone looks a little different, but there is such a thing as alignment that makes you feel good. Having great alignment allows you to transfer energy from your upper body into your lower body and vice versa. Without great alignment that energy gets lost and injury and dysfunction can occur.

Poor alignment can keep both diastasis and pelvic floor issues from improving. Basically, almost all poor alignment patterns usually lead to shallow breathing or too much belly breathing. A shallow breathing pattern leads to an increase in the flight or fight nervous system response. Poor alignment literally stresses us out!

Great breathing, made easier by great alignment, calms us down and stimulates our parasympathetic nervous system. Ahhhh, hello sex drive, bowel movements, and better sleep. This is why working on alignment is so important. (There is no such thing as perfect through, so trying to force your body into a position to "look" right, might actually make things worse.)

Let's take a look at some poor alignment examples. In the picture on the left, I'm thrusting my ribs out, this will make it very difficult to get a good breath of air in. The top doesn't align with the bottom. I'm "leaking" pressure out forward.

posture and your pelvic floor

Now, in the picture on the right, I'm tucking my bottom under and slouching my head forward. In this picture, I'm compressing my trunk and putting tremendous pressure down on my pelvic floor. This would be a perfect recipe for leaks and prolapse.

Both of these poor alignment positionings can keep your pelvic floor and abs from fully healing.

In this picture, let's note how she has her ribs dropped down, like mine in the picture on the right with the bottom tuck, but she also has her weight shifted forward into her hips. This is one of the most common postpartum postures I see and this slight forward shift can be all it takes to prevent complete recovery.

posture and your pelvic floor

Watch the video below for the complete rundown of the photo on the right.

Get someone to take a picture of you when you're not thinking about it as well. This is when the truth comes out! We are often not aware of how we stand during the day when distracted. So, calling all secret camera spies to get the true habitual posture! Just remember, there is no such thing as perfect posture! So, alignment that works for you might not look exactly like alignment that works for someone else. These are just general tips to try and see how it feels. Hopefully it will make you feel better!

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