Anna's Recovery: Week 11

Week 11

This week I fully returned to CES work taking on virtual calls and returned to my other job part-time with the plan of next week being the full return. In my other job, I am a strength and conditioning coach for a local high school. During the months of January and May, they have what’s called short term where teachers offer various classes 1-2 hours a day (depending on the class), every day for the month. This was going to be my first time teaching the class and would result in a busier January and May from a work perspective. Good work on my pregnancy timeline planning.

I was tempted to just go ahead and fully return at the 11-week mark but thought my brain and body would appreciate one more week off from the roll of a strength and conditioning coach where I have to demonstrate moves. My short term class was Women’s Health and Wellness, so it was not only about weight lifting and running basics, but also mindset and nutrition. Plus waiting to go back full time would allow me the week to figure out how I’d logistically work everything one more layer at a time.

I had just been thinking about how much better I have been sleeping this postpartum, compared to Adelaide‘s and how I didn’t have much jaw tension. Well then with the return of more work came more stress (even if I didn’t perceive it as bad stress). And with that came tongue thrusting. The weird thing was that I wasn’t pushing my tongue forward but up into the roof of my mouth like it was suctioned. I wouldn't even realize it was happening until I would check-in and then I had to un suction it from the roof of my mouth. One of my meditations where I was doing a body scan I realized how much general tension I held on the right side of my body and started to try to be mindful about it throughout the day. This way I could spend my time preventing rather than on doing.

Otherwise, overall things were feeling pretty good. I was still getting in the same workouts with the added work and enjoying the mental stimulus. I wasn’t thinking about my PF or feeling it at all during everyday life. I had even reached the epitome of rehab exercise where it actually felt like a real workout. I got a sweat on with my muscles quivering and feeling tired at the end of a MF 2 workout. It was glorious and I had a huge grin on my face afterward.

In MF 2, I could tell I still needed to work on my glute firing pattern on the right side. Particularly on the right leg with the single-leg wall squats, but at least now I could make the connection of what was happening and try to correct it. Before it just felt off or I had hip flexor tightness after or I would feel it in my glute med but in a bad way.

Speaking of glutes. No soreness is not always indicative of a good work out, but boy did those single light wall squats work my glutes. The next morning they were both actually sore. Nothing like some sore glutes to let you know when you’re using them in everyday life, such as walking. This was an unanticipated realization since I normally can’t really feel them working when walking, but when sore I definitely knew they were working.

This level of MF did highlight my continued weaknesses. In hands and knees with arm or leg lifts, I could respectively feel my serratus and glute med/TA weakness. I could feel the shifts and lack of perfection, as well as some quivering, and it was going to be easy to negatively talk to myself but I just kept saying “do I the best you can.” One day while exercising with Adelaide around, I even found I had improved shoulder range of motion when she sat on my back. I guess it helped ground me and gave my body some awareness of where it was in space.

I was looking through old videos and looked at the evolution of my dead bugs and rib cage angle. Both were improving but not where I wanted them to be yet. However, I already feel at a better place with my dead bugs now than I ever did before this last pregnancy. Hooray for that!


Sweating after a workout

Tongue awareness and being given the opportunity to correct

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